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Hello there! Today I have a colorful page to share with you. I made this for a Color Bloom theme for Prima Marketing and wanted to use a couple of colors. After I found this photo, I chose to go with rainbow colors.

When going though my photos to scrap, I noticed this photo of my older daughter's 8 year birthday party. Like the title of the page suggested, she wanted a travel theme. Naturally we were happy to use that as a theme and then chose the things to the coffee table accordingly. We had Sachertorte, chocolate chip cookies, Savoiardi cookies, leipäjuusto (Finnish squeaky cheese), croissants with Brie and sushi to name a few.

I chose to go with rainbow colors to represent the different flag colors we had in the table and also the diversity of countries. Plus it was a sweet, happy looking color scheme to use! 

If you want to see how the layout was made, please see the step by step tutorial below! 

Step 1. Apply a coat of Clear Gesso to your background paper. This helps in the second step plus prevents the paper to warp only partially. Let air dry or use a heat tool to dry before moving to next step.

Step 2. Choose a red, a yellow and a blue mist and spray each one to the background, to the right hand side. Leave a space between the colors. Because of the gesso layer, the mist won't absorb into the paper right away but pools on the surface. Use a watercolor brush and water to draw the paint from the pool towards the left. After you have done the primary colors, make secondary colors orange and green by mixing the primaries. Spray a little red and yellow to the space between yellow and red, mix into a orange and again paint towards the left.

Step 3. Dry the previous layer or let air dry for a while before adding a new sprayed layer. Choose a stencil with a simple design and spray colors through it. I used blue and yellow more than the red as it was so over-powering to the other two. I also flipped the stencil and pressed all the mist that was left into the stencil to my background. If you do this, be careful with the alignment! 

Step 4. Again, dry the mists before moving forward. Add some stamping and pencil doodles to the page and then build layers behind the photo. I used quite neutral colors when the papers were concerned as the background has so much color.

Step 5. Start to embellish the page. The My Prima Planner stickers were easy embellishments as they had all the right colors and they fit to my theme a well. Use the embellishments to complete your design and composition. 

Step 6. Finish the page with a title and journaling. I also added a piece of twine to my page to form a horizonal line and thus highlight the title.

Thank you for stopping by! Remember, travelling really broadens the mind! You don't always need to go abroad to travel, just go to a museum, exhibition, study online or try a new restaurant! Have a great day!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons

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