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Moikka! I was going through the many, numerous drafts I have in my blogger and found several projects that need definitely to see the light of day in my own blog. They may have been showed in the brand's own blogs already but have for one reason or the other stayed drafts in my blog. First I share this journal page with you. It's over a year old but the subject is always near to my heart.

My maternal grandmother passed away when I was still a child. I remember her as the matron of the household and extended family. She had an influence to people and seemed to be holding many reigns in her hands. So when I saw the cameo with the queen Maria Theresa, the determined jawline and the stance of the lady they reminded me of my grandmother. As I never got to really talk to her like adults talk, I sometimes wonder what she would have thought about things and what kind of advice she would have given. So for the journaling part I wrote some inspirational thoughts that I thought sounded like her.

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960209 – Finnabair Mixed Media Journal
847524 – Salvage District: Palais Royal
584702 – Salvage District Cling Stamps
961893 – Messy Clear Stamp 
963040 – Heavy Body Gel
963262 – Art Basics
963705 – Art Stones
963712 – Mini Art Stones
991203 – Artisian Powder: La Chapeliere
584252 – Watercolor Confections The Classics
941611 – Relics and Artifacts: Cameos 
941734 – Relics and Artifacts: Rising Spirit III
586720 – Box Flowers: Sandstone 
963385 – Mechanicals Mini Knobs 
960230 – Mechanicals Mini Roman Numerals 
586034 – Aspen Blush Fiber Arts set 
962760 – Brush Set 
963880 – Silicone Brush 2”

Materials: Prima Marketing


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