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Hi there! How are you on this Tuesday? If you are follower of my blog, I assume that you are already familiar with gesso. But if you just happened to arrive here or are new to mixed media, you might not be friends with this medium yet.

Yesterday a post about gesso went live in Prima's blog. You can see it here (link)! There's three very different projects in there, all done using one of the three gessos in Prima's Finnabair line. I did some cards for the post and used Clear and White gesso in them. There's also the stunning Black version available of the gessos but funnily I didn't use that in the make. Funnily as it's actually my favorite. 

I tried to include different use of gesso in my cards as you can use this medium in many ways due to its wonderful composition. You can see some uses of the medium from the picture above - paint, texture medium, base coat and adhesive.

The Clear gesso is coating the background paper. It works as a base coat giving the paint mediums coming on top something to grab to but also prevents them from soaking into the paper thus giving more open time to play with colors and manipulate them. 

The White gesso acts as an adhesive, a texture medium and paint in the cards. Because of its property to stick rather than soak into surfaces you can use gesso to adhere light elements like pieces of paper or like in here, cheese cloth. 

Because Finn’s gessos are Heavy Body, meaning thick, you can use them to create texture, too. Here I applied the medium through a stencil to my card. And naturally you can use them as acrylic paints as well! I gave some of the embellishments a touch of white to blend them more into each other.

Thank you for stopping by today! If you learned something new, please let me know! Have a great day!


961466 – Gesso Clear 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
847579 – Vintage Emporium Maestro 
963392 – Mechanicals Barn Stars 
963385 – Mechanicals Mini Knobs 
992347 – Wild and Free Chipboard and More 
590062 – Flower Bundle Yellow 
594398 – Love Clippings Flowers Sweet Kisses 
565220 – Paper Roses Copper 
562359 – Perles Welcome to Paris 
589165 – Color Philosophy Lemonade 
576691 – Watercolor Scenic Route 
576721 – Watercolor Spring and Fall 
962005 – Cling Stamps Don’t Forget to Fly 
962067 – Cling Stamps Now Is the Right Time 
962043 – Cling Stamps Tea on the Deck 
962036 – Cling Stamos Trust the Magic 
961268 – Honeycomb Stencil 
962289 – Basket Stencil 
990886 – Artisan Adhesive Tape

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


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