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Hello everyone! Today I have something new for you, in a couple of ways! I have a set of ATCs done with a new Sizzix Christmas die, my first take on something like an unboxing video and also a giveaway! So many things so let's get started with the video! 

To tell you the truth, I haven't seen a single unboxing video so if it's all incorrect and wrong, so sorry! ...maybe I should have watched one before making this, but well, this is my take on the subject! I hope you like it and please let me know if it's something you'd like to see more of as I can then do something similar when I get a new parcel! I can't promise that there's a giveaway each time, though!

We'll get to the giveaway in a minute, but first I want to tell you a little about the cards. As you might have read from the top already, they are done with a Christmas die. It's actually the same die you saw in the video, the one I'm giving the duplicate away! The minute I saw it, I really fell for the wings. They are just awesome! And because it's not Christmas enough yet, I thought to use a Holiday die in another kind of way. 

The story in the cards is kind of believing to yourself, daring to spread the wings and then taking the plunge and soar to the clouds. I used text stickers from 7 Dots Studio to tell the story and also the papers and die cuts are from the brand. If the giveaway gets a lot of participants, I might throw in some 7 Dots Studio goodies as well so you can re-create the cards or use the goodies to something else! 

As always, the cards are ready for grabs! If you want one, please just send me an email with your postal address and I'll send it to you! But now for the giveaway!

Like I said in the video, my parcel happened to have two Graceful Angel dies in it. So I thought to give the other one away and thus spread the joy and info about the new dies! I thought that was a win - win situation, don't you think? 

So in order to be in for the draw you need to follow me via some social media outlet. It can be my blog, my Instagram (link), Facebook (link) or Twitter (link). Better still if you follow them all! You can subscribe my blog to your reader via the FeedBurner link I have in my sidebar or tack the box to send the posts to your email - whatever way is the best for you. 

Now that you follow me on some social media level or many, please leave me a comment stating where you follow and what do you wish me to blog about, what is your favorite project so far or just say hi! Please also state if you have shared the information about the giveaway somewhere. Each following and each share gives you a ticket for the raffle. So let's say you subscribe my blog and told your friend about the giveaway over a cup of coffee - two tickets gathered! 

You'll have until Friday July 21st 2017 23:59 time to take part and during the weekend I'll raffle the winner. The giveaway is open to every country, I'll send the die to anywhere. Please make sure to check back to see if you have won because if I can't contact the winner in a few days, I'll re-raffle the die. 

I hope I haven't forgot anything! So here are the instructions in bullet format, once again:

1) Follow me on any social media 

2) Leave a comment on this post stating where you follow and also mention if you have shared the info. Each following and each share earns you a ticket for the raffle.

3) Please make sure I can somehow contact you if you win - check back to my post when the raffle is done or have your email address in the comment or visible in your blog.

4) You'll have until July 21st 2017 time to take part. I'll ship worldwide. 

Enjoy and may the lady Luck be on your side! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing you a great Tuesday!

Materials: Sizzix, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing

Die used: Graceful Angel


  1. I enjoy your ATCs, watercolour technique and when you introduce new products and materials. I hope to see these also in the future!
    I follow you in FB and Instagram and I've also shared your FB post.
    Oh, I hope I'd be the lucky one ūüėä!
    marja-liisa.matikainen( a )kolumbus.fi

    Ps. I love the ATCs within this post!

  2. Hi Riikka!!!)))
    My name is Inna)))) I want to tell you - your ATCs is very beautiful!!! How I would love to sit and watch you create, and I wish to had your level of creativity, maybe I don't have the courage to play! Anyway, once again you made an awesome projects)))) And an angel as a symbol of love and hope – Oh!!!! it is so beautiful!!!! I would be very happy to win an angel... and already long time ago I am your subscriber in YouTube. Now I have subscribed also for your other social media.))))
    All that I know about new giveaway’s is this very big giveaway Scrapbook.com 18th Anniversary Giveaway. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg9CC7GytS4
    Also I will give you a link of my blog, maybe once you will find time to look and leave criticism to my creativity, I will be very happy))) link of my blog: https://in77705.wordpress.com/
    Thank you Riikka for your creativity that give me inspiration. And please, a kind angel of love and hope fly to my home))))
    Inna (In77705@mail.ru)

  3. Hejsan Riikka ;) - Hello in there. I am so excited as I am not that much participating in Give Aways, not sure why not though. This superb Angel would be a treasure to win for sure. Then it don't cost that much to send to Denmark, hehe. I have a few blogs but the one I do most is "The New Era" http://starone.dk/blg/new/ - this is for all kind of things I assume ( I am not that sure yet)the other one is "Hear The Wind Whisper" http://cordes.re/blg/hear/. Thank you again for all the goodies you give away and show us on YouTube and your blog here.
    Kind regards

  4. Hi Absolutely love how you've used the angel wings.

  5. Seurailen Instagramissa, täällä blogissa ja Facebookin puolella. Aurinkoista kesää sinulle!

  6. Rakastan kaikkia töitäsi ja pitämäsi kurssit on ihan huippuja! Seuraan instassa, facessa ja blogissa!

  7. Facessa seuraan ja tavattukin joskus ! Hauskaa loppu kesää !

  8. Facessa ja blogissa seuraan. Myös pinterestissä olen tallentanut ohjeitasi.

  9. Seuraan kaimani t√∂it√§ eniten facebookissa. Olen kerran k√§ynyt kurssillasikin eli n√§htykin ollaan.☺

  10. Onpa kauniit siivet! Seuraan blogia Feedlyn kautta, tosin luen yleensä noin pari-kolme viikkoa julkaisun jälkeen. Facessa ja Instassa seuraan myös. :)
    Se Turisaksen sydän (en muista oikeaa nimeä) on mun lemppariprojekti. Halikon kurssituotoksina se sydän ja paletti roikkuvat mun askarteluhuoneen seinällä. :)

  11. Onpa kauniit siivet! Seuraan blogia Feedlyn kautta, tosin luen yleensä noin pari-kolme viikkoa julkaisun jälkeen. Facessa ja Instassa seuraan myös. :)
    Se Turisaksen sydän (en muista oikeaa nimeä) on mun lemppariprojekti. Halikon kurssituotoksina se sydän ja paletti roikkuvat mun askarteluhuoneen seinällä. :)


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