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Hello there and great start to the new week! About a week ago I kept "The land that is not" workshop for the first time in Klemmarikellari, Turku. When I made the workshop, I did share some sneaks in the announcement post (link), but I have never before shared the class sample. So here we go! 

This piece was inspired by Finnabair's Texture Powder and also by the piece I made for my friend as a commission (link). The fun thing about this project is that after drying time, you can just hang the piece to your wall is it's framed when you leave the workshop! Cool, right? I think it is! 

I'm keeping one workshop still during the summer before autumn. I'm heading to Kokkola with "Dark passion play", an altered painter's palette. Here's the announcement post if you'd like to join (link). And I think I really should start announcing the autumn workshops, too! So stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by today and have a nice start to the week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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