From dust to dust - Finnabair Brand Ambassador

This was such a fun and scary project to do! My co-worker asked me to do a birthday present for her husband and brought me a bunch of items that she liked I would use in the piece. She also gave the frame. I felt honored but scared at the same time as I wasn't sure if I could capture the feel she was looking for and if I used the items in a project they would be stuck there. Luckily she really liked the end result! 

Her husband owns a video store so that's why I looked for film reel styled items in my stash. He's also keen on reading and a local hokey team - that's why there's a book in the background and also the book pages and emblem of the hokey team next to the type writer reel. 

This project is special also for another way as it sparked the idea for a new workshop. I'm keeping that one for the first time in Klemmarikellari, Finland in May. If you'd like to participate, please see the sidebar for the confirmed dates!

I'm grateful that you visited my blog today! Thank you! All the best!

Materials: Prima Marketing

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  1. waue, always scaring to make something special for someone, i have been asked to, to do a piece for my sister lol lol and she has many demands lol lol your art is awsome iam sure he will be very happy.


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