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Happy Monday! How's your week started? I was having a blast last weekend! On Saturday I was demoing the new Finnabair waxes at a Finnish paper crafts event and on Sunday I took a workshop with Liesbeth Fidder. It has been ages since I last was on the student side of the table and I really enjoyed it. We played with dominos. You can see some shots from the demo and the workshop in my Instagram (link) if you are interested.

But let's talk about emotions, ok. Because that was the topic of the latest Finnabair ambassadors post. You can read the whole post here (link)

I have strong emotions about creating. Getting my hands dirty with paints and mediums brings me joy and affects my current mood in a positive way. Creating keeps me going, it keeps me sane, I like to say. When I'm not able to create anything for a while, the longing to do something might get almost physical. Then the next project doesn’t have to be an elaborate altered piece or canvas, but just something to make me spread paint on paper or stamp and color. Those projects may be a start of something I create for a brand or then just some fun playtime, not to be blogged or shared.

Sometimes I experience something that needs an output. That happens rarely, but when I feel angry, frustrated or puzzled beyond normal, I can take my journal and let the steam out. When something like that happens, I don’t document the project. No photos, no blog post. It’s just for myself, just to help me go through the emotions and nothing more.

Most of my projects are based on feelings. I like to create layouts about things dear to me, like my two daughters. The highlight of the canvas projects or altered pieces is usually something fun or intriguing I have found or an item that has a story of its own. I may not tell the story in my write up for the project, but I know it and it brings that special layer to the piece.

The project I'm sharing here is a journal page that just had to be created. I hadn't been able to get my hands into paints for a while and then I just needed to create something. I also needed to let some steam out, so never say never about sharing those pages! 

What are your feelings about creating? What emotions do your projects reflect? Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


  1. Upeita värejä. Kaunis kaunis.

  2. waue awsome, you let it out dear..great work on this.
    Need to be inspired do visit my blog Have a nice weekend.


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