Playing with matches - GDT Jehkotar Craft Challenge

Hi there and happy Saturday! Today I'm sharing some ATCs with you which I made for a guest spot over at Jehkotar Craft Challenge. The challenge has three sources of inspiration - a picture, a song and a sketch. As you can see from underneath, the picture is quite dark with white text, the sketch has a fun hexagon design and the music is by a Finnish rapper Cheek. Underneath you can see the sources, a RAK I put together to be raffled among the participants and here's the actual challenge post (link)

I used both the inspiration image and the music in my take on the challenge. The cards have the white text like in the inspirational picture but the main source for the cards was the music. As it's in Finnish, let me tell that the song is about the end of a relationship and the chorus goes about "why did you need to light the bridges, I can't find you anymore, did you do that on purpose, now everything burns". As the burn theme was so strong in the song I thought to play with matches. Let me tell you, it wasn't the best idea, as the making of the burned papers left our apartment smelling of smoke for a couple of days!

There's burned paper in the cards but also the matches. They were very brittle so I dipped the whole thing to Soft Gel and then adhered them to the cards. There's also some sparkle, flicker of light in the cards in the form of Mica flakes and Mica gel. 

Now is your turn to make something inspired by the challenge! Here's the link again (link). Wishing you a great weekend!

Ps. If you'd like to swap one, please send me a mail!

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio


  1. Aivan mahtavia! Olen itsekin poltellut paperia kollaseja varten niin osaan samaistua hajuhaittoihin :-)
    Mielelläni vaihtaisin kanssasi - allakin on yksi vaihtopyyntö niihin nappikortteihin. Blogistani löytyy omalta sivultaan vapaita kortteja, tosin sivua ei ole päivitetty hetkeen ja uusia on siis luvassa.

    1. Varasin yhden näistä sinulle :) Laitan FB viestiä tulemaan!

  2. Nämä on hurjan ihania.

  3. Nämä on todella kekseliäitä ja ihania!!! Mahtaisiko joku niistä riittää vielä vaihtoon?


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