August moon canvas

I just went through some of my drafted posts and found quite a few workshop samples in there that have been waiting for a while to get published. So I thought to share a couple in the middle of the newer projects. This canvas was done during a workshop in Kokkola last year. 

It was start of autumn when I visited Kokkola and Ihan Itse shop. Maybe that was the reason why my lady turned into an autumn one. The reason might also have been the chipboard shape I packed for myself as it had the wheat spikes. I tried to use autumn like colors - like a warm August evening when the sun is setting and the fields glow golden. 

Now this piece hangs in our bedroom, together with this earlier piece (link). As this is the autumn and it's the spring, maybe I'll someday end up having all the seasons in the same wall! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the weekend!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Talens, Pan Pastel

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