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Party time! Well, not so much, but I did create some party balloon projects for a guest post in Elizabeth Craft Designs. And of course it's always a big thing and party when I get to invited to guest! You can see the original post here (link) at Elizabeth Craft Designs blog. There's these cards, the step by step tutorial and also a layout with the same details. I'll blog the layout a bit later.

I'm sure you are better prepared with parties than I am as I often realize that I have no card to go with the present! A bit awkward situation as most of my friends know I'm a crafter. So cards that can be done in 10 minutes are really handy at times! This card is just like that - if you have your cutting machine standing ready, you can make this card in no time and have a great sparkly make up at the same go!

What you need is some Soft Finish Cardstock, watercolors, Silk Microfine Glitter, a couple of dies and adhesive sheets. Please see the steps underneath.

Step 1) First cut your card bases from the White Soft Finish Cardstock. Mine are 10,5 x 14,5 cm. Add some watercolor to the center area of the cardstock and dry with a heat tool. If you want to be precise, measure a slightly smaller area than 10 x 13,5 cm area in the center and color it.

Step 2) Cut same size piece as the base from colored Soft Finish Cardstock and adhere a piece from the adhesive sheet to the backside of it.

Step 3) Using the Heart Background die cut the colored cardstock. Remove all the extra little pieces and the backing from the adhesive sheet and then adhere your beautiful lace like background to your watercolored cardstock bases. If you measured the area, the background will now cover the lines and the color will show underneath the heart design leaving the edges still white. If you are like me and didn't measure, your card will now have a more freehand look.

Step 4) Adhere again some a piece from the adhesive sheet to a piece of yellow(ish) cardstock but this time adhere it to the colored side.

Step 5) Using the Loppypop die's solid piece die cut several balloons for your card.

Step 6) Remove the protective sheet from the adhesive sheet and use Silk Microfine Glitter to coat the balloons. Remember to rub the powder shiny!

Step 7) Think about your composition of balloons. Glue pieces of twine to your card so that the end is hidden underneath the balloon. Leave the other end of the twine loose at this stage. Then use 3D foam dots to adhere your balloons on top of the twines.

Step 8) Use the bow die from the Lollypop set and cut a couple of bows. Arrange the twines in a bundle and adhere the bow on top using glue. Cut the twines shorter if needed. Finish your cards with a couple of half pearls and a foiled sticker.

So like I said, these little balloon cards are so easy and quick to make! To me the longest time went to getting all the little pieces away from the Heart Background design and if you have a brush-looking tool to release all the extra pieces, you can do these in no time at all!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely Wednesday! 

Materials from Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Watercolors (Prima Marketing - Watercolor Confections Pastels)
Patterned paper (Prima Marketing - Sweet Peppermint 6x6 Pad)
Foil washi stickers (Prima Marketing - Foil Washi Stickers)
Half pearls
3D Foam Squares

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