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Hello there! Today I have something special for you - a kind of surprise from me and 7 Dots Studio. Something similar to a blog-hop but more a kind of a journey around the world - to the places that are in hearts of all 7 Dots Studio Design Team members. Be prepared for something unusual - grab your coffee and sit comfortably. Are you ready? So please continue reading.

You know, that 7 Dots Studio DT members come from all over the world - each of them wants to share a piece of their "daily world" - to show you places, towns, cities, countries, where they live. And we are especially happy that in our times, there are no distance, that could be an obstacle in sending things around the world. 7 Dots Studio products are in each place, where 7 Dots Studio DT members live. I would like you to know 7 Dots Studio has a store, where you can buy their products and they can ship them to any place in the world. So no matter how far or how close to 7 Dots Studio you live, you can always order your favorite supplies and they will pack them with love and send to you (always as trackable, priority post).

On top of the great journey, you can start in a while, or you have already started on 7 Dots Studio blog, hopping on our DT members blogs, we would like to offer you a special discount for our store - 15% off everything - it is valid for all purchases till September 9th. So you have 2 days to visit our store and decide, what you would like to order. The discount will be available after using a special coupon code. When you visit all the blogs in particular order (info below and on each blog there will be information about previous blog and next one) you will gather all letters (not all blogs have letters for you - please remember it), and all the letters will be your coupon code valid for any purchase in our store till September 9th.

So are you ready? If yes, please start hopping! Underneath is the full list of blogs in particular order, so if you would get lost, you always can take a look at the list below and to be on track again.

Riikka Kovasin (that's me!)
Welcome to my city! As you may already know, I live in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Finland is situated in the Northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia. If you are a person who likes statistic, here's a link to Wikipedia's page about Finland (link). If you are more into funny pieces of information, I've gathered a few here underneath! But keep scrolling down as there's more to come!

- Finns have their own sense of humor. Just think about some of our sports - wife carrying championships (arranged every year and couples coming as far as Australia to compete), swamp football or mosquito hunting.

- Finland has most heavy metal bands in the world per capita - 630 bands per million people. Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow... just to name a few. Hard rock hallelujah! (The last phrase is the name of the song that won Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006. And yes, Finland won with heavy metal.)

- If we love our dark music, we also love cellphones. Finland ranks on the top 5 in the list of "mobile phones in use per 100 people" - there's 173 phones in use per 100 people. Mind boggling, right?

- Finland is referred as "The land of thousand lakes" - which doesn't come even close. We have almost 188 000 lakes. We also hold a world record when it comes to islands - almost 180 000 of them! And as we are one of the least densely populated countries, there's plenty of nature to roam about!

- The most used Finnish word abroad is "sauna". Yes, that's Finnish! Now you all can say you can speak Finnish! Otherwise the language has it's challenges if you try to learn it. The pronunciation is easy but our grammar is ...let's say it's different.

- We are extreme. During summer months the sun doesn't set at all and there's light throughout the 24 hours. The downside is that during winter months the sun doesn't rise at all and it's at best gloomy during the day time.

- Coffee lover? Come to Finland! We rank up high in the coffee consumption lists. An average Finn consumes 12 kg of coffee per year, twice as much as most Europeans and three times more than Americans. Our coffee market is maxed out - there's so many brands, companies and roasts you can choose from!

- If you want to start an argument with a Finn, state that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole. Big mistake! Because he doesn't. He lives in Korvatunturi near the Arctic Circle, in Finland. Luckily at least children know where he lives as he gets more than 700 000 letters on yearly basis to his official post office (address: Santa Claus Village, FIN-96930 Arctic Circle).

Maybe that's enough about odd info, right? Maybe you'd like to take a peek of my town? So, come along! I strolled with my mobile phone one day around Helsinki city center and edited this video for you. Hope you like it!

So to sum things up:

- visit all blogs in particular order
- enjoy photos and videos from the places our design team members live
- gather all letters to receive 15% discount for everything in 7 Dots Studio store
- come back and leave a comment here (link) with your order number and they will also choose one random person that will receive free shipping on that order!

So now the time you all have been waiting for - the letter. Sorry to say, I have no letter for coupon code. So hop along and see the marvels of the 7 Dots Studio team! Your next stop is Greece and Eirini Tsaima! Εις το επανιδείν! 


  1. We will see you soon in Sweden!

    Hugs Katja/Mezzanotte

  2. love all the great info! very fun! i think I could fit in there. :)

  3. Wow Rikka...thanks for the great Greek words!!! You're fantastic!!! Your country is awesome...wish we meet someday there!!

  4. Wow!!! The information were absolutely great!! I have read them with such curiosity. And the video is awesome - thank you <3

  5. Great tour of Helsinki and cool trivia about Finland:)

  6. Obrigada por mostrar um pouco de sua cidade, de seu país tão distante do meu Brasil. Gostei de saber as curiosidades que você contou sobre a Finlândia.

  7. I very much enjoyed your tour, especially the trivia about Finland - so interesting and fun!


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