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If you look at outside today in Helsinki, the title is totally wrong! The sun has been shining from an almost cloudless sky today. But I'm referring to something else with the title, to my favorite quote, because that's the topic of the new 7 Dots Studio challenge. Will you share your favorite quote with us over at the 7 Dots Studio blog?

I didn’t include my favorite quote in my project but it was inspired by it. Quote I say but it’s actually either just a word or a whole song. I’ve done a couple layouts about the subject as well, but as the song is really meaningful to me, I chose to go with it again. I somehow feel really connected to that song, I feel that I can relate to it at some level.

This journal page is inspired by a Finnish song by Oskar Merikanto called “Myrskylintu” – “Stormbird”. I would love to link you the song here but I still haven’t found a recording of a version that I would love. The first time I heard the song it was live during a theater piece and I haven’t found a recording that would sound as awesome. I love to sing it myself also and was singing it while I was pregnant with my two daughters and the song would always come them down, but there’s no recording of that either and never will be. But if you really, really want, I can sometime sing it in Finnish during a workshop! Just kidding.

I guess you can see the power of the song has over me also by looking how many projects it has inspired - here's a link to one of them (link). It always gives me goosebumps and I feel empowered by it.

If you want to read the lyrics, I included a very free translation of the whole song here underneath. The original lyrics are from a poem written by Kasimir Leino, you can find the Finnish words for example here (link).

When the storm is roaring and the waves are singing 
and splash against the shore, 
when the pine trees are bending and the spruces bowing 
and the sea foam is sprays as it hits the rocks, 
I then take a delight in 
flying across the air with the greatest joy 
and sing about nature, the world and the strive of men.

When the wind is whistling and masts are chanting
and you can hear the breeze singing in the hawser, 
oh, then I also join the choir,
and the storm accompanies us with its rioting.
That storm blows away the dark clouds,
and shows the clear blue sky,
and the weather changes and wind calms down
and the sea reflects the shores.

Others like calm nature,
the lark's song and serene evening time,
I enjoy myself when the storm is roaring
oh, that's when you feel young and lithe again.
Thus churn the foam, you Ahti of the waves
and let the notes of the tempest ring!
- I shall fly across the air singing
and race against the wild winds!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Soulmates - Squares Mask
Homegrown - Clear Stamps
Destination Unknown - Word Stickers 6x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Um Wow Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sakura


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