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Hi there and lovely Sunday! A week ago at this time I was in United Kingdom, near Middlesbrough keeping my fourth and last workshop in the wonderful event or actually a weekend of classes. I was so happy when Sue invited me to teach and even more happy when it became obvious that the workshops were going to be held! So awesome! Thank you everyone who came and made the weekend so special!

Back in 2015 I held my first workshops abroad, in Egersund Norway, which was a dream come true and now these ones were my second ones somewhere else than in Finland. This year I'm also keeping workshops in Sweden and Belgium, so please see the sidebar for more details! Can I say that I'm so excited?

The photos in this post are from my Instagram account (link) and also from Art Workshops Facebook page (link) - thank you Sue for permission to use them in my post. 


I arrived to Leeds Bradford airport around five local time and lovely Leroy, Sue's husband was there to pick me up. We then headed for their home to make the kits for the Saturday workshops. Or that was the original plan but it went so smoothly that we did the Sunday kits as well! After re-arranging supplies in my bags I went to my lovely hotel bed and eagerly waited for the Saturday to start!

Saturday's first workshop was the ATCs. If you want to see the announcement post with the workshop descriptions, please follow this link (link).

We had a fun morning playing with lovely 7 Dots Studio and Prima Marketing supplies and I had added some handpicked supplies in the kits as well. Each participant in each of the workshops also received a little thank you -note and a flair which I ordered from A Flair for Buttons.

Above on the right you can see my finished samples - I gave them all away so that's the only photo I have of them. In fact I gave all my samples away and even donated one of the originals to Sue, because she was so awesome and kind and encouraging!  


Saturday's afternoon workshop was the lady canvas, a workshop called "She was wearing the summer in her hair". What made me so proud and was totally awesome was that almost everyone choose to draw the face even though I gave them an option to use something else. And boy did these ladies know how to draw and create! The canvases they created were super beautiful and stunning! Each one of the pieces had their own personalities and character. The picture at the bottom of the cluster above is my finished workshop sample. Now looking at her, I could have added a strand of hair to her forehead...

Saturday evening we had a lovely dinner together - Sue and Debbie, the arrangers, and then some of the ladies attending. I also was so happy to meet Katy, my editor from Scrap365 times and also previous editor in Craft Stamper. It was great to talk to her face to face as we've mailed numerous times when working on the articles and projects to the magazines!

Sunday started with one of my favorite pieces because of the background story it has, the heart canvas - "Heart of Turisas". The ladies were super talented and made wonderful canvases and compositions to the piece. Again each one was stunning and different and personal. What warmed my heart afterwards so much, was that I know for a fact that at least one of the ladies went shopping in a hardware store after the weekend! If you haven't tried that one yourselves, I highly recommend, they have wonderful stuff there! If you don't know what, please come to a workshop!


Sunday's afternoon workshop was something just for these ladies - an altered hubcap! I bet it was fun for everyone to alter such an odd item. I loved the stories the ladies told me, because they already had figured out where to put the finished piece.

The materials were mostly from Prima Marketing but there was also a piece from ScrapFX and then some hand picked items as well. One of the supplies that had me really worried was light bulbs. I brought so much extra with me because I feared that they will break during the transport, but luckily they all survived the trip! My lovely husband also donated some cassettes for us to use so we had all sorts of wonderful things to play with. 

It was so awesome to meet these wonderful ladies and I so wish that I can go back during 2017! I had a magical time and everything was running super smoothly! All of the ladies were so talented, so sweet and encouraging, Sue and Debbie and Leroy were super professionals and I had nothing to worry about. What a weekend of fun it was!

Once again - THANK YOU!


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  1. Looks like you had wonderful classes - lots of beautiful projects.


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