#TBT post: Courage ATCs

Hi there! As it's Thursday, it's time for another #TBT post! It's new series that I started and now I'm trying how it goes. 

#TBT posts are posts that are re-blogged for a reason. Each Thursday I re-blog a post from the past, share why I chose to show the piece again and also add pieces of the original post to the #TBT post.

Today I'm re-blogging some ATCs done over two years ago. Why I chose to show them again is that they are so different in a way from the ATCs I'm doing now. These were among the first ones I did and I was still trying to find my style and even find out what the ATCs were all about. From this link you can see the original post (link)

These cards were originally done for an emotion challenge at Mixed Media Place. The emotion was courage. I interpret the theme by making these three cards - it takes courage to follow one's heart, to break the rules or to take chances.

It's fun how I've always felt comfortable making little series of ATCs. When I started and even nowadays I often make three or more cards around the same theme but I think I've never done an unique card. Like just one. 

I stated in the original post "It's funny how these little ones took as much time as a 12" layout!". This is true even today - a set of cards takes at least as much time than a whole 12x12" layout. The mixed media canvas projects take even longer, but usually constructing a set of cards with all the stages layering mediums and thinking about the theme of the cards takes me as long as a layout. 

As these cards are over two years old they all have new homes but I do have a couple cards free, in case some of you are interested! Just throw me an email and I'll get a card posted to you!

Thank you for stopping by today! See you tomorrow! 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Talens, Prima Marketing, Tattered Angels, Ranger, Sakura, Luminarte

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