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Sweet Sunday to you all! I hope your weekend has been a peaceful one. Today I'm continuing sharing some Prima based projects and this time it's these Relics and Artifacts pendants. I titled them "spring pendants" when I created them but since then the weather here in Finland has had a drastic change and they could be titled "summer pendants"! 

I actually made these the International Scrapbooking Day in mind when I knew I was the hostess during the "foil hour". The idea was to show that the Adhesive Rub-Ons can be used on several surfaces – on paper, on metal or even on glass. And of course that you can also use them on the Relics and Artifacts! These are made using the “Chandelier Pendants III” craft blanks with some gold foils and lace-like Rub-Ons. 

First I colored the pendants using the new Opal Magic and Metallique acrylic paints. The big pieces are colored with the Opal Magic paints and the small embellishment part in the pendant using the Metallique paints. After drying the paint, I then added the rub-on on top trying to warp the design as much as I could to the shape as well. Then I covered the design with the golden foil and gilded the embellishment. Lastly I added some flowers and crystals to finish the pieces.

Thank you for your time! Wishing you a lovely start to the new week!


971434 – Adhesive Rub-On 
585631 – Rub-On Foil Sheets Golden Girl
963616 – Opal Magic Aqua-Rose Acrylic Paint
963620 – Opal Magic Rose-Gold Acrylic Paint
963606 – Opal Magic Yellow-Blue Acrylic Paint
963248 – Metallique Light Patina Acrylic Paint
963071 – Metallique Gold Rush Acrylic Paint
963200 – Metallique Vintage Rose Acrylic Paint 
941680 – Relics and Artifacts Chandelier Pendants III
586133 – French Riviera Flowers Saint-Tropez
586843 – Blush Gold flowers
584801 – SIIC French Riviera 
582326 – SIIC Royal Menagerie 
962760 – Brush Set

Materials: Prima Marketing


  1. Riikka - so very, very pretty and elegant!

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