Rusty pendulum - workshop piece

Hello there and happy Tuesday! How has your week started? I'm preparing for the workshops in United Kingdom here and also thinking about courses in Finland during summer and autumn. If you are interested to join, please check the sidebar for dates and links to posts! 

Today I'm sharing a project which I created for a workshop I kept in Seinäjoki some weeks ago (link). It's once again those projects that was so fun to make and so hard to take photos off! I loved how the project gives the idea of a rusty pendulum but as it's so narrow, taking photos of it proved to be a challenge. But I hope you get the idea anyway from the big picture on the left and the detail shots below. 

I had so much fun at Seinäjoki! I kept two workshops there and this was the first one. It was once again such a pleasure to see the ladies making their pieces and how different each one of those turned even if the materials in the kit were the same. I really enjoy and love to keep workshops! 

This was actually "once in a life time" styled workshop as I'm not keeping the exact same again as I only had these bases for one workshop. But there's a workshop with similar technique available. Playing with the rusty, aged effect, just another base for the project. You can see it from my previous post (link) when I announced some new workshops during spring. The new workshop is actually going to be held for the first time in Klemmarikellari. That workshop is now full, but if there's enough people interested, I might keep the same workshop twice during that day. So if you'd like to participate, don't hesitate to send a mail. 

Ja sama suomeksi - tämän tyylinen kurssi on tulossa Klemmarikellariin, lisätietoja sivupalkin linkistä. Kurssiprojektia ei tehdä samaan pohjaan kuin tässä, mutta tekniikka on sama. Postauksessa ilmoitettu ensimmäinen kurssi on täynnä, mutta mikäli löytyy tarpeeksi kiinnostusta niin voin pitää saman kurssin kahdesti saman päivän aikana. Laita siis sähköpostia tulemaan, mikäli kurssi kiinnostaa! 

Thank you for stopping by today! It's always a pleasure when you visit my blog, I'm very grateful! Wishing you all a pleasant day or evening depending where you are in the world! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tiger

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