Totally new workshops!

Hi there! Last post was about workshops in Finland but there's more to come (hint, hint). Here's some new workshops I've been working on and planning. Some of them are requests and some of them things I thought might interest you. There's even two altered workshops now! Hope you like them!

Ps. You can see all my current workshops in here, the Workshops page (link).

The open water sings - minialbum workshop

Watercolors are awesome! They can transform a background totally even though they are translucent. In this workshop we play with watercolors and make a minialbum from separate sheets of paper. We also add gold foil details to the album and think about composition and color.

White butterflies fluttered ceaselessly by - canvas workshop

Shimmery pastel colors and soft tones, this canvas is a subtle piece but has many mediums and techniques included. We work with modeling paste, gel medium and Sculpture Medium - a fabric hardener. Collaging, making layers and coating all with some opal shimmer!

Dark passion play - altered palette workshop

A workshop to merge two of my favorites - black gesso and PanPastels. We use a painter's palette as the page and create a one of a kind composition on top using different elements. Dark at first but with a lot of color on top.

Time consumes the core of things - altered bottle workshop

If you were an archaeologist, what would you find buried in the ground or under the sea? How would time have changed the objects? In this workshop we make an assemblage and then treat it with rust and decay. We use several mediums to create an aged, just surfaced look. 

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