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Hi flair fans! Today it's A Flair for Buttons day! I'm sharing a process video and a layout with you. The video is step by step styled, showing me create the page starting from the journaling part (yes, I did that first!) and finishing with some paint splashes! 

The page is about my younger daughter who, of course, needs to learn to do everything at the same time as her big sister. So when her older sister climbs to the highest point of the jungle gym in the playground, she also has to. When her sister started noticing letters and writing, she also needed to learn that. When her big sister draws, she must match her drawing skills. And when her big sister started to read and count, she also needed to. And the fun thing is that even though she is almost two years younger, she really learns those things in days when she wants to! So she started to write, count and read at the age of four. I guess you can hear me being proud of her! 

At the same time she's a little fire cracker and goof ball and that's why I didn't want to put a portrait like picture of her to the page. Because that wouldn't be her. She's always on the go, experimenting and she has a huge, some times even too big, belief in her own powers and skills. It will be so exciting to see what she'll end up doing in her life! As we say to our both girls, they can do anything where they put their mind and heart!

Thank you for your visit today! I hope you liked the video and the project! 

Sets used: 

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Sharpie, American Crafts

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