Blue heart cover

You'll never know where this album is now! I gave it to my boss! With the UK workshops coming (more info here (link)) and some others in talks (hint, hint!) I have been asking quite a few days off from work so I thought it would be good to show her WHY I'm constantly bugging her with requests. She really liked it and was showing it around my workplace! 

The piece itself is a sample I did during the workshop in Turku some time ago. It's a workshop titled "Under cover of darkness" and it's about black gesso and Mica as well as a few other things. It's always such a pleasure to visit Klemmarikellari and see the people in there! Keeping the workshops is such a joy and thrill! 

Finnabair just posted a blog post (link) about how the samples aren't normally the most splendid pieces as you are more concentrated to the people attending, answering questions, giving tips and just showing the techniques - that's the case with this one, too. The point of the workshop piece is not to be the master piece nor even finished for that part - it's just something you do along with the people attending and use to show the things you are teaching. Although I really like the colors in this one, the composition isn't the best. The light bulb I added on top of the heart constantly reminds me of a feather headdress of an Indian! 

So ya'at'eeh and ahéhee' and until next time!

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio


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