Pan Pastel ATCs - Artists Live

Hello there and good Wednesday! Soon it's Easter time but before the holidays let me share some projects with you. 

This post is about some ATCs I made some time ago in Artists Live show. I was using the lovely Pan Pastels in them and adding some mixed media touches on top. If you want to see how these were created, please watch the recording from underneath. 

You do know about Artists Live and that we record all the shows and then upload those to YouTube channel? Read more about the Artists Live here (link) and visit the channel here (link)

Some of the cards I created already have a new home and rest of them are traveling to their recipients after Easter but I'm always happy to do a swap, please just send me a mail! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Here's a link to the announcement post (link) if you wish to see the sample cards or read the materials list with links. 

Materials: Pan Pastels, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Carabelle Studio


  1. Upeita.
    Ihanaa Pääsiäisen Aikaa Sinulle.

  2. Ihania kortteja olet tehnyt! Kiitos videosta, katselin sitä mielenkiinnolla.

  3. vocal point? Laulupiste? Mahdat tarkoittaa fokusoimista, kiintopistettä - focal point?

    1. Katsoin siis videon tarkkaan ja mielenkiinnolla - taas kivoja kortteja! Mutta sen vokaalipisteen olen huomannut jossain aikaisemmissakin videoissa...joskus puolalaiset käyttävät samaa - mahtaako olla sieltä tarttunut, sinähän teet paljon 'työtä' niille. Ei siis suinkaan millään pahalla :-)

    2. Hupsis. Tuo on yksi kompastuskiveni, jostain syystä menee helpolla vocal pointiksi vaikka pitäisi tosiaan olla focal point :D

  4. :-) Minun on peach ja beach... en vain saan niitä kuulostamaan tarpeeksi erilaisilta.

  5. Just loved this post and so nice to see and hear you. These little ATC's are fabulous. So want to try this. I have had pan pastels for a couple of years and never used them :/ now I will give it a go <3


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