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When ever I look at that title, the song from Mary Poppins starts playing in my head! But we do need a spoonful of happiness (or sugar) every now and then. This project was made for the Craft Stamper magazine's November issue, in a Masterclass article about Mica powders. 

Do you know the Masterclass feature? It shows five different techniques with one medium or product and tells a bit more about the product, too. There's just so many ways you can use many materials. They might be meant for one thing, but you can twist and turn them to make other things as well. It's the exploring what makes it all so fun! 

I've used the lovely shiny powders in five ways while creating the altered spoon here. A few of them are quite obvious as I love to use the powders in that way, but a few others might be harder to spot. But unfortunately I can't share you the info here, you need to get a copy of the magazine!

Wishing you a lovely day and many spoonfuls of happiness! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tsukineko, Wow Embossing Powders


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  2. This is so very cool! Such an awesome design and great use of stamps! <3


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