Dreams are for chasing

Hi there! Not so long ago I got asked to do a page for an online publication and here's my take on the color theme. The magazine is called Turtle Soup Magazine and here's the link to the post where the magazine is (link). There's cards, layouts and other projects to inspire you so suggest you take a look!

And talking about publications, underneath is a sneak of something I created for an issue of Histoires de Pages. The magazine is in the stores, so go and grab your copy!

But back to the layout shown in the big picture! The layout is done about the shirt I'm wearing in the photo. But it's also more. It's about chasing the dreams, about going for it and doing something crazy. 

Ready, steady and go, go chase your dreams!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Sharpie, Ranger, Teippitarha

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