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Hi there mixed media fans! I hadn’t done a layout for a long time for Mixed Media Place so I decided that now was the right time and made one! And this one comes with a video, too. Here you can see the original post in Mixed Media Place's blog (link)

The topic of the page is vintage love. The photo is taken inside an old smithy near our summer house. The light switch and the plug-in were really inspiring looking so I took a photo of them. There’s something captivating about that raw plank wall and the stained, dusty switches. I tried to mimic the feeling in my page and used neutral tones in here but added a touch of bling with the metallic acrylic paint (soon to be in the Mixed Media Place's shop!).

I chose the embellishments to go along the electrical theme and used a piece of wire underneath the photo layers. It tries to mimic the old wirings, being fabric covered and everything. I also added a small light bulb and some Mechanicals to the page to keep that industrial feeling.

Above you can see how the page came alive - hope you like the video! 

Thank you for stopping by today, wising you a great day!

Products from Mixed Media Place: 


Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger


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