Blue dress canvas - Artists Live

Hello there and great start to the new week! Here's something I did a couple of weeks ago in an Artists Live Ustream show - you can watch the recording a bit further down the post. It's a dress shaped reversed canvas. 

Hopefully it's already arrived to it's new owner as I raffled both this and the pink sample version right after the show. So yes, we occasionally have raffles connected to the shows as well so it really pays off to attend! In fact there's a new show this very evening, more info about that in the Facebook event page (link) or then just tune in at 8 pm CET this evening in the Artists Live Ustream channel (link)!

But back to the piece - it was actually suggested by Virág who linked to this earlier piece I made for Finnabair blog hop way back (link). I was pondering what to do and got a few suggestions what to create in the live show. The original piece, for Finnabair, got it's inspiration from lovely Marta. If you want to see how I created the piece, please watch the video underneath.

I used a lot of different Prima mediums in the piece. Here's also the link to the announcement post with the materials lists with links (link) in case you want to see. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope to see you later in the Ustream! 

PS. Tampere huomio - pyyntö on kuultu ja sinne suunnalle on tulossa kursseja! Alkumakua täältä (linkki)!

Materials: Prima Marketing


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