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I still remember when I first heard about an ice cream soda in a cafe in my home town and thought that it must be quite awful. It wasn't until the third time when visiting the same cafe that I dared to take a sip of the drink and boy, that wasn't awful at all - quite the opposite!

When I then moved to my current city the sodas were left behind and I haven't found them here in a cafe until this summer. The advertisement in one place triggered a memory so we did the soda at home using pear ice cream and Sprite. Yummy! 

The light minty green of the pear ice cream was the base for this page's colors so it's again minty time! The page also shares the bubbly effect of the last page done for A Flair for Buttons but the composition is different. And those bubbles go so well with soda, don't you think? If you'd like to see how the page was made, please watch the video underneath!

I used flairs from two sets to embellish the page. The green and yellow ones are from the "Watercolor Designs 2" set and they fit the light color scheme so well. I also added one from the "Tell Your Story 1" set, the "Today" one. The journaling is about the soda and how on that day we did it and how our daughters liked is as well.

Thank you for your visit! 

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Pink Fresh Studio, Sharpie, Ranger, Fiskars, American Crafts 

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  1. Riikka,
    A beautiful and yummy page! An ice cream soda reminds me of the warm Summer months and a wonderful ice cream soda - refreshing. Your video was awesome - thanks for sharing!


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