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Long time ago in a faraway land… Um, no. Not a fairy tale this one. But well over a year ago I made a heart canvas inspired by my favorite band (link). When I then started to think about new workshops it popped into my mind, maybe partly because it hangs in my work space. As people were asking me to turn that one into a workshop I answered the call and created a canvas workshop based on the first one.

Last month I kept the workshop for the first time and of course needed to create a sample for it. So that was the second time for me to do the piece. And this one is the third one – started on the workshop, finished at home.

For this piece I used blue color scheme and that really was a struggle for me as I strongly see the piece in its original colors – red and black. But I managed to make myself to grab the blue and turquoise mists instead of red ones. And that’s telling a lot because it’s usually just the other way around – I gravitate towards the blues and need to push myself with the reds. Funnily enough, I didn’t quite feel the piece in blues so the big difference became when I added just a few hints of rusty brown to the canvas. First I added a few sprays of mists and then made the gears around the edge using a stencil and ink.

To finish this piece I went “Finnabair” and added rays of light coming from the lightbulb. Somehow she manages to make those streaks always so stunning but mine weren’t that good just by using a brush. So I took a finer tool and finished the rays using a white Sharpie. 

So now I'm asking you, which one is your favorite - the blue or the red one?

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Materials from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Sharpie, Scrap FX


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