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Hello hello hello! It's Wednesday already! Maybe time to add some color? Yesterday a blog post went live in Prima's blog (link) showing a few way to color Prima's blooms. There's also a video by Song Li you don't want to miss!

I love to give the beautiful Prima blooms a touch of my own so I usually color them a little. It gives the blooms a personal touch and makes them more "mine". So I usually also add a touch of color even to the colored ones, not just white ones.

There’s so many great products in the Prima mediums but for this cover I went with my favorite combination – gesso and Mica. Instead of white gesso which I use more commonly I used the black one creating a dramatic journal cover. The fun thing with this coloring technique is that the blooms can start off with any color and they all look good together in the end!

I started the cover with some Black Gesso and then made the composition using different blooms, metals and also an Archival Cast heart. I treated that using the tricks from my canvas workshop (link) and finished the cover with Mica. I used three different powders from the new release - Iridescent Lilac, Black Cherry and Pale Silver.

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961374 - Heavy Gesso Black 
963538 – Mica Powder Iridescent Lilac
962807 – Mica Powder Black Cherry
962517 – Mica Powder Pale Silver 
990572 – Memory Hardware Journal Tall
961398 – 3D Matte Gel
961435 – Soft Gloss Gel
962760 – Brush Set
891541 – Junkyard Findings Mini Typo Bulbs
941574 – Archival Cast Flaming Hearts ex. II votos
961084 – Mechanicals Clocks
960322 – Mechanicals Mini Flowers
960384 – Mechanicals Mini Brads
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps
583538 – Metals for wood plaque 7
583569 – Metals for wood plaque 10
990626 – Villeneuve Antique Rings 
582067 – Nicco Michio
559830 – Buttons 
561130 – Rosarian 
PE-067-48P – Brown Mulberry Roses

Materials: Prima Marketing, Epiphany Crafts


  1. So very beautiful! I love the new mica powders, and you've created such an amazing project with it!

  2. Ihailen tuota taitoasi. Ihana työ jälleen.


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