Comparing Prima Oil Pastels

Hi there! Some time ago I was asked how the Prima Oil Pastels differ from Gelatos for example. As the Oil Pastels are quite unique, I decided to do a post about them, comparing them to a few other kind of similar crayons I had in my stash.

Even though I belong to the Prima team, I need to tell you that this is no way a paid add. I just fell in love with the crayons when I got them. They are really creamy and the amount of pigment is awesome! But please read further and make up your own mind!

Here's a sheet I did using the three products I had in different ways. So the first column is Gelatos, second Neocolor II crayons and the last the new Prima Oil Pastels. The consistency of the latter is in a way similar of Gelatos - they both are creamy and even lipstick like. The Prima version is even slightly creamier still than Gelatos. Consistence-wise the Neocolors differ greatly from the two as they are hard and more pen like in a way. 

Also the measurements of the first and the last are quite the same yet again differing from the Neocolors. They are thinner where as Gelatos and Prima Oil Pastels are a bit bulkier. 

But what's the biggest difference between the Gelatos and the Oil Pastels is the amount of pigment. You can maybe see this best from the first row where I colored a small patch with each crayon and then started to draw the color out with a water brush. Where the Gelatos fades quite rapidly the two others keep on going.

In this row I used the three crayons in stamping. I treated each crayon the same and colored the color straight to the stamp, added a fine mist of water and stamped. To my eye the Oil Pastels on the right performed the best. There's a couple of reasons to that. For one, there's more pigment than in Gelatos and two, the texture of the crayons is creamier than that of Neocolors. If I had added water first and crayon second the result might have been a bit different.

In this row I used the triplets for coloring. For each stamped image I colored a patch of color to my craft sheet and then picked up the color from there. Again the amount of pigment is showing but also the picture tells that the Oil Pastels have a touch of white pigment in them or at least they are more opaque than the rest of the crayons. It might also be the color I chose as it was pale blue, but still the third image has paler looking stamped lines than the other two. 

Picking up the color from the craft mat was no problem to the Oil Pastels but I guess if I had tried to color the detailed image first with the crayon and then adding water the result might have been different as the Oil Pastels are a bit bulky. But that's the way with every tool you have, each one of them have different tricks to make them perform the best!

Finally I used the crayons as pigment and colored Light Paste with them. Yet again the amount of pigment is showing. The one colored with Gelatos is paler than the rest. 

When scraping the pigment from the crayon to my craft mat I happened to break one of the Neocolors. This was because of the consistence - as the crayon is harder than the two counter parts it was a bit more difficult to get the pieces from that. The creamier ones, Oil Pastels and Gelatos, were easier to scrape and then mix into the paste. Oh, and I used ten "folds" when mixing each one - as you can see, both Neocolor and Oil Pastel version would have needed a few folds more to really get the pigment spread out evenly. 

I really like the creamy feel of the Oil Pastels and have used them more than I ever have the few Neocolors I have. The texture and the amount of pigment make them really versatile! I was demoing them some time ago and I guess most of the people that saw the demo were mesmerized by them! So try to look out for an event with Prima Educators or other possibilities to try out the Pastels yourself as I strongly believe you'll be hooked! 

If you already became mesmerized by the Oil Pastels, here's a couple of links to stores that currently have them. Not a paid add, by the way, just to make things easy for you. As the product is quite new it might not yet have reached your nearby store. But if you have other sources, please let me know and I'll link up!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to leave them here!


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