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The saying goes "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" but I guess this apple might do just the opposite if you took a bite!

I love to play with the Finnabair products! When thinking of what to do to this post, I started to ponder what makes me think about autumn. The first thought I popped into my mind was harvest and apples so I decided to do an altered apple. 

I say altered but I didn’t use an actual, edible apple though. I wanted to use something more durable as the base. The local craft store only had teeny tiny apples but luckily I knew that there’s a shop d├ęcor shop near my husband’s workplace. They had Styrofoam apples just in the right size!

When then thinking about the finished piece I thought about a mechanical looking apple with gears bursting out and then the photo of maybe the most famous fairy tale apple pumped into my head. You know the apple the stepmother lifts up from the cauldron in Snow White? The one that has the skull in Disney’s cartoon version? So my version is something in between of a nice, mechanical apple and the poisoned version.

First thing I did was to paint the apple black using the Black Gesso. I wanted the apple to have a touch of stamping, too, so I used white embossing powder to make the script show from the dark surface. When heating the powder I had to be careful so I wouldn’t melt the apple! Luckily gesso works as an insulation also.

Then I started to layer the embellishments on top using first the brads as the means to put the metals in place. In this process the Styrofoam apple was really handy, I only needed to push the brad into the apple! When I was pleased with the composition, I adhered the parts with 3D Gel. After the Gel was dry I then added textures with Microbeads, Glass Beads and Graphite paste and lastly brought the colors using Mica Powders. I recorded a step-by-step style video while working with the apple, hope you’ll like it! 

I hope you like this project I did for Finnabair Creative Team! Wishing you also a great weekend and pleasant harvest time when the autumn really kicks in!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials used:

Materials: Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powders


  1. FANTASTIC...STUNNING... Gosh this is an awesome idea. Love what you created !!
    Thank you for sharing your LOVELY art.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain

  2. Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!

  3. Oh Riikka I LOVE THIS!!! I love the grungy, textured and metallic apple, but I also loved your Prima apple, you just ROCK at altering apples!! Great idea by the way, fresh and new, never seen an apple altered before!


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