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Berlin theme continues still in this post! Here's a link to the "Inspired By" post with the same theme (link) and I honestly need to say that I made this mini album partly "just in case" if I wouldn't have finished or got done anything else for the challenge. So I started the album before our trip to the city and then worked with it during the journey and finished it at home.

We visited Berlin a week or so a go during our family vacation. It was our girls' first time in an airplane and a first time in Berlin for the whole family. The kids have visited only Stockholm on top of their home country Finland and although my husband has been to Germany before he's never visited the capital. I haven't previously been to Germany at all so it was all new for me! And we all fell in love with the city! An absolute must to go there again!

I actually had the trip in mind when I ordered some DT supplies from Canvas Corp Brands when I still was in their team so I used just those in my mini album. The covers are from 7Gypsies line and the inner pages are done with Canvas Corp papers and File Folders. Some of the embellishment pieces are also cut from a travel themed 12x12 Canvas Corp paper.

The covers and the inner pages are monochromatic in their own colors but then I added red, orange and a touch of yellow to the mix with washi tapes, stickers and other embellishments. I also added some watercolor like touches using Neocolor crayons and a waterbrush and had one of Finnabair's lovely script stamps with me in Berlin.

As mini albums are so hard to photograph (in my opinion) I shot a short leaf though video of the spreads inside.

I've mentioned it before in my travel album posts (for example here, link) that I'm really poor at finishing mini albums. And somehow the magic of the journey seems to fade if the album isn't done almost a second after the homecoming. So I've done the postcard boxes before (like the one in the previous link) but I also found out that this kind of solution worked for me. As I made the album ready before the trip and there were the pocket pages inside I could journal on the go and gather ephemera on the way and then just print out a few photos to the whole thing at home. And you can even notice a couple of post cards there as well! 

Thank you for your visit today! What's your way to document your holidays abroad - or in homeland? 

Materials: Canvas Corp, 7Gypsies, Prima Marketing, Teippitarha, Sodalicious, Ranger, Caran d'Ache


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  1. What an awesome project! I feel the same way about mini albums. I've tried a couple and haven't had much success- I'll have to give your idea a shot, of preparing the album before you go and then adding photos and ephemera on the road. I love the map on the cover, by the way. Thanks for sharing!!


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