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Hello hello hello! Yesterday I showed my first page using the new musical ScrapFX products and today is the turn of the second one. The topic of this one is Ronnie James Dio, the one and the only. I'm really grateful for that I saw him live once. We had tickets to a show that was cancelled and not long afterwards the sad news came. To me he's one of the greatest singers and had a really unique voice.

Even if this page is a kind of tribute to the singer, I still didn't use his photo but one of my daughters. "Why?" you may ask. Well, if you know the songs, you probably get it as one of the songs, called "Holy Diver" has a line about a tiger. "Ride the tiger, you can see his stripes but you know he's clean, oh don't you see what I mean?" So when my daughters climbed to the playground version in a local zoo, that classic piece started immediately play in my head. That's why the page is called "Dio moment".

When I started working on this page the first thing I did was to color the tiger on the photo. As you can see, it's a black and white one, but I wanted the animal to pop more. So I took some alcohol markers and added color to the big cat. Later on I then thought that maybe I should have used more yellow even though tigers are more orange to make the photo fit the page better, but then it was already colored so I went with this.

For the background I first added some pieces of patterned papers to the 12x12 sheet and then misted the "Circular Shawl" pattern underneath the photo. As the papers I used there were quite dark the pattern is not that visible but instead the "flipped" version on the side steals the show, so to say. I also added black doodles around the "Triangles" stencil and stamped with the "Star Border" stamp. After that I felt that the page was turning too dark so I added a dimensional layer to the layout using modelling paste and "Words of Wisdom" stencil.

I wanted to give the page a little feeling of old times and a retro vibe so I used the "Casette" chippie in there and also included the "Headphones" to the page. Like adding white modelling paste the yellow details bring light to the otherwise quite dark piece.

Thank you for stopping by today! Until next time!

Products used from Scrap FX:

Materials: ScrapFX, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Wow Embossing, Teippitarha, Freckled Fawn, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons, Design Memory Craft, American Crafts

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  1. Oijoijoi,nyt on leiska niin mun makuuni että! Aivan mahtavat värit ja niin kivoja yksityiskohtia että:) Ilo silmälle!


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