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Hi there people! Here's a little something I created for Spread Your Wings Academy, part 3. The whole Academy post went live yesterday in Finnabair's blog (link) and this time the topic is stamping. So whether you are new to stamping or want to try something new, I'm pretty sure you'll find something inspiring in the post!

I'm pretty sure that this doesn't come as a shock to you but I love stamps! They are versatile and can change the mood or the look of a project totally. While my favorite medium to use with the stamps is Jet Black or Watering Can Archival Ink, there’s way more mediums you can stamp with. 

I created these simple little ATCs by stamping with three different mediums. They all give a different, specific look none of which is quite as detailed as the one using ink. But these kinds of images are perfect for backgrounds or just as the vocal point in a CAS style card. As the mediums are wetter than normal, regular ink, the images also look wetter. That is to say they have a watercolor look to them. 

1) The first background is made by stamping with mist. Just spray some mist to your craft sheet or a piece of plastic and use that pool of mist like an ink pad. You can use just one color in the stamp as mixing two would only result a mixed colored mist pool. This is the smudgiest of the three.

2) The second background is stamped using water color pencils. First add a touch of water to the stamp either by misting it delicately or rubbing the surface with a wet finger. Then color the stamp using the pencils. You can mix different colors as you can add them individually. The outcome is the most detailed as this techinique has the least amount of water involved. 

3) The third background is made using Gelatos. You have two choises – either add some water first to the stamp and then color or vice versa. As the Gelatos are creamier, heavier than water color pencils they might need an extra touch of water to really transfer the image. Like with the pencils, you can again mix colors within one image as you add each color on its own. 

To unify the three I then added stamping also by using Archival Ink. I double stamped the vocal clocks using the same technique as in the background but then layered another stamping on top using Archival Ink. I also added some embellishments and a quote to each card.

Like always, these are ready for grabs! Please just mail me if you want one. Also the Leon ones (link) are free if red color scheme is more your cup of tea.

What’s you favorite medium to use with stamps?

Materials used:


Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, Design Memory Craft, 7 Gypsies


  1. Upeita kortteja. Kaunista jälkea saa leimalla aikaan.

  2. Oooh,I would like to have one masterpiece from you,if it's possible!

  3. Awesome ATC Riikka! :) I could do a swap with you if you'd like! :D

  4. I came over from FB to have a look. Thanks for sharing your tips, all three ATCs are beautiful!


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