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Have you heard about Leon Day? I haven't before I got a nice mail from folks over at Patience Brewster. The mail explained to me that Leon Day marks the half way to Christmas. It's celebrated on the June 25th and although it's not an official holiday especially people who love Christmas may celebrate it. Here's a Wikipedia link if you want to read more (link).

First I thought I haven't even shared a thought towards Christmas yet even though I consider myself a Christmas person. But then I realized that in fact I have done two Christmas related projects already - they are for a publication. So yes, I have in fact been thinking of that holiday already!

I also was invited to a Facebook group quite some time with a goal to start making Christmas cards early. Somehow the somewhat hectic factory for Christmas cards is a tradition for me. Or it needs to be done then, it's a way to get the Holiday spirit on.

But I still made something with Christmas in mind for this post. As I couldn't share the projects going for the publication obviously I made three holiday themed ATCs. They all have a jingle bell on them and words that to me resonate Christmas - sweet, times, bond. If you'd like to swap one of these or just to have one, please drop me a mail! 

Thank you for watching!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Scrap FX

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