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Good evening! There's a new challenge over at Mixed Media Place! This time we encourage you to draw and grab a pencil or pen or marker - what ever you prefer!

I don’t consider myself a drawer but more of a doodler. So I started to think what could make a person to grab a pencil more eagerly. Because the biggest thing is the fear of starting. Usually when you just start to draw and doodle it gets easier and easier by the minute. 

Even in school our art teacher said to us that the first two-three sketches are just a warm up, but after that it gets easier and the hand starts to do what you want it to do and trace to the paper. So my advice for the fear of drawing is just to draw. Start little by little and before you know it, you might even enjoy it! 

But as for my project I thought about an aid to draw. There’s many stencils available even with very detailed patterns. So I grabbed the Bubble Stencil (oh so versatile and my favorite) and drew some circles around an art journal page. Then I doodled some flowers inside the bubbles with a PITT pen and colored them using water color pencils. Lastly I colored the gaps between the flower bubbles black. Ready in no time and lots of great pen practice!

I also thought about another trick to ease the drawing process. You can see the project below - a little card. For that I stamped a few elements onto white cardstock, cut them loose and colored and assembled a little cottage out of the pieces. Then I drew the landscape and highlighted the cottage too.

Materials from Mixed Media Place:



Materials: Design Memory Craft, Prima Marketing, Ranger


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