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Hello there! Can you believe it's already Wednesday! Today I have something a bit different stored here as the projects aren't made by me alone. Canvas Corp shares time to time projects that the whole team can contribute. This time the topic was something that's easy enough that a kid can do it but still aesthetic and good looking. To me, that's one of the most challenging themes. 

I mean I love to pieces the crafts that my kids do. But the point is that they are my kids so to me the projects might look different than to someone else. I look at them through the rosy glasses of a mom. Kids are creative by nature so the actual project isn't a challenge but the point that anyone should regard that as beautiful and pleasing to the eye might be a tricky one. So after a lot of pondering I somehow came up with a really simple thing - painting votive candle holders. Partly the idea is of the painting, partly that the little glass containers can be used in many ways. In autumn you can put a tea light in there and during spring you can plant a bulb or for example lettuce and during summer time place some home made cookies or candy in. 

What you need to make these, is a little glass jar or equivalent, some masking tape and Tattered Angels paints. The "Pigment" ones work really well as the paint is thick enough to create pattern but the other ones give a lovely see-through finish. How ever this paint is too thin to be used in patterns as it flows under the masking tape. 

The steps are really easy - apply the masking tape and then let the painting begin! The easiest way is use just one paint so the two colors don't mix into unwanted colors. Of course you can work in layers like in the dotted one - first paint the jar with a more see-through paint and after that's dried, apply another layer with more opaque paint on top. If you are using masking tape to create patterns, the tapes should be removed when the paint is still wet but surface dry. That way you can also refine the edges if needed.

Here's a link to the post in Canvas Corp's blog were the team gathers their ideas! I encourage you to go and see for example a fab head band by Nadine or Bokeh Canvases by Dana! Thank you for your visit!

Materials: Tattered Angels

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