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Hello there and happy Friday! Today I share a bit different video with you. This time I'm not making a project but instead sharing ten easy techniques using mists. Canvas Corp asked me to share a few techniques or tips for mists and I made this video. I haven't invented all of the techniques and probably am not the first one using the lot. But hopefully you'll still find inspiration from the video!

If you are new to mists and haven’t used them much, these few techniques might get you started. A few of the techniques need something else besides the mist, but most of them can be done just by using one or two mists. I’m using Glimmer Mists in the video but Simply Sheers will work as well. As Chalkboards and Baseboards have more tooth in them and they are more opaque, the end result will be different with those. 

As mists are water based, many watercolor techniques will work with them. What I also try to show in the video is to think outside of the box – you can do so much more with the mists than just spray them on a project. Just experiment and find what you can achieve with them!

Thank you for stopping by today! If you have any questions, please add them here or send me a mail! 

Ps. The cards on the top are made using the samples I make in the video!

Materials from Canvas Corp Brands:


  1. Thank you for sharing all your ideas, these all look wonderful!

  2. Such awesome ideas. Love them all... want to try the candle and the salt. Your cards look wonderful.

  3. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing them!


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