My favorites of 2014 - other projects

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It's still some hours until the year changes but the fireworks are already coloring the sky here. I've dedicated the last posts of this year to different favorites. I'm posting my favorite cards, layouts and canvases/altered projects of 2014. I've already posted my favorite cards of 2014 (link) and layouts (link) but now it's time to take a look back and also share the other projects I've been doing along the year. If you want to take a look of something similar I did on 2013 here's the link to last year's post.

This year has been good in so many ways. Some of my dreams came true this year and it seems that some will come true during 2015, too. As in 2013 I applied to some teams and got accepted to some and even was asked to guest in others. Every single mail and message made me all giddy inside and jump up and down with joy! I was ever so delighted when I joined the Canvas Corp Brands crew. I was overjoyed when asked to join the Finnabair's first team. I was smiling like a crazy person when I got to the fabulous team of 7 Dots Studio and got the chance to continue with Mixed Media Place. But there was also some sad news like the closure of Scrap365 Magazine, paperHaus and Paperilla in magazine form. My design teams of 2014 include in addition to those listed before also fantastic Craft Stamper Magazine, lovely Epiphany Crafts, ever-inspiring 3rd Eye and superb Scrap Around The World. I also was a design team member in the fabulous CSI but because of simple lack of time didn't re-apply to the team during the call and left mid 2014.

I also did some guesting this year. One of the guest places was Epiphany Crafts which then changed to a design team until the end of the year. I guested in other manufacturer's or brands like Happy Scatter, Um Wow Studio, Wow Embossing Powder, Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle Studio, Wow Embossing Powder, Kreinik and a store A Sprinkle of Imagination. The guest appearance in C'est Manifique Kits also continues in the first months of 2015. I also created pieces to forums and challenges such as Koukussa Kortteihin, Sketchabilities, Swe Scrapbook, Scrappeland.no, Berry71Bleu, SanDee and amelie's challenge, Scrap Africa and Skissedilla. On top of those I made an appearance in some blogs like the "Frosty Festivities" blog event or "The weekend guest" at Be Stamped or at N*Studio with Nathalie's lovely stamps.

On top of those opportunities I also got to teach in different cities and even online. Thank you all the persons and shops that contacted me and invited me to come! Thank you also Shirel who invited me to be a part of Pop & Colours #3 and Pop and Colours 2 online workshops! Thank you also May Flaum for inviting me to be a part of "Creative Retreat" online workshop.

I'm really grateful for all the opportunities and chances I've been given! I'm also really thankful for all you readers and visitors so once again a big thank you over to you! Thank you also for visiting today! Wishing you a beautiful, inspiring 2015!

Here's my favorite projects of 2014, I hope you enjoy!

(Link to the post) Prima PPP

I did many ATCs during 2014 and really enjoy this form. These birdie ones here represent my love for the small pieces of experiments and art. I also want to thank everyone who's traded a card with me!

(Link to the post) Inspired By...

Following are some art journal covers I've done. I would do a lot more of them if I would art journal more! But as I don't make that many pages there's no need for more journals. ...unless I would start sending them away... hmm...

(Link to the post) Finnabair Creative Team

(Link to the post) Mixed Media Place

(Link to the post) 3rd Eye

I haven't done that many art journal pages, but there's some and this one is a favorite of mine which is rusty colors and that photo.

(Link to the post) Canvas Corp Brands

This pendant stands for a few wearable projects I've done during the year.

(Link to the post) Mixed Media Place

Horsies start the cavalcade of altered projects. I've really enjoyed making these, especially those inspired by music!

(Link to the post) Finnabair Creative Team

(Link to the post) GDT Frosty Festivities 

(Link to the post) Inspired By...

And last but not least are the canvases. I've done ladies this year, too, but the piece that was the first one I thought of when making this list is the one that ends it. The heart of Turisas canvas. 

(Link to the post) 7 Dots Studio

(Link to the post) Mixed Media Place


  1. Kauniita.
    Ihanaa Alkavaa Vuotta Sinulle.

  2. Tuo sydäntaulu on henkeäsalpaavan upea! Niinkuin kaikki työsi,mutta tuo saa jotenkin tunteet pintaan?! Ihana!
    Hyvää alkavaa vuotta sinulle&perheellesi!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous projects Riikka! You are amazingly talented!

  4. sensational projects, you are an amazing, talented lady. So proud to be your friend. Thank you for wonderful year of inspirations xxx

  5. Those Christmas trees are absolutely BEAUTIFUL ... I will try next Christmas.

    Happy New Year!

  6. These are all stunning! Thanks for being such an inspiration.:)


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