My favorites of 2014 - layouts

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Hi there! As the turn of the year is closing I'm dedicating the last posts of this year to different favorites. I'm posting my favorite cards, layouts and canvases/altered projects of 2014. 

This year has been a good one in many ways. I'm very thankful for all the opportunities that I've had to design and guest over different brands, the pieces that have get published and the articles I've had pleasure writing to magazines. I'm grateful for all the visits here in my blog, all the followers in different social media sites and all the crafty friends around the world! So a big thank you to you all!

Yesterday I posted my favorite cards of 2014 (link), now it's turn for the layouts! Like in yesterday's post, here's a link to my favorites of 2013. Underneath you see my favorite 12 of layouts. Yes, twelve as I found it impossible to choose just 10 among them all. And there was quite a few to choose from. Like yesterday, I added the links to the original posts if you wish to read more about the particular project but this time I also added a short description why I chose the particular layout to this list.

(link to post) 7 Dots Studio

I like the composition and the use of little stars on the background. I also like the minty, turquoise color scheme. I might scraplift myself at some point!

(link to post) 7 Dots Studio

I like the colors, the arrow details but the most I love the topic. I must document my sweet husband more on the following year!

(link to post) Canvas Corp Brands

Really loved doing that background and the topic is dear to me, too. I also like the use of two photos.

(link to post) 7 Dots Studio

The drips, the use of clear gesso, the different patterns and the color scheme. 

(link to post) GDT Birgit Koopsen

I'm happy that I got this little piece of me documented. I really like the mini cluster on the side and also the multitude of the wire circles around the photo.

(link to post) Inspired By...

Oh, there's many reasons to this page. First of all the topic. Second I love those photos! And I really enjoy the Inspired By challenges. And I liked the ideas of the Scrap365 mag we used as inspiration.

(link to post) Sodalicious 

I enjoy the rich colors, the fun technique and the fun paints I used and I also am fond of the subject and that photo.

(link to post) GDT Birgit Koopsen

I'm liking the colors and how the watercolor like mists create the backing to the embossed stamp image. Once again I also like the subject of the page.

(link to post) Epiphany Crafts

Again many reasons: the photo, the subject, the background, the colors and the two toned epoxies.

(link to post) Mixed Media Place

I simply adore that jacket and can't wait it gets warm enough to wear it again! I also like the embellishments I used and the big heart shape on the background.

(link to post) Mixed Media Place

I'm so thankful for crafty friends and I love love love this pendant by Cathi. I wore it daily until it started to show some signs of wear and tear and after that I've been more careful about it. I like the touches of gold and the almost monochromatic color scheme.

(link to post) 7 Dots Studio

This page I chose as a reminder of a leap of faith. I thought and still think that I can't draw, but nonetheless I took the pens in to my hands and doodled a big wing to the page. This image is also background for my desktop.

As you can see there's a few colors missing from these contrasting to the cards but some colors are very much present. As you may see, I have a thing for turquoise and blue but to my amazement there's also many brown or neutral pages. What the pages also have in common is the concentrating the embellishments and details near the photo and most of them also have just a one photo. The photos are quite equally half and half - half colorful and half black and white. But the one's that have color have a very limited color schemes, no big contrasts in the palette. What most of the pages also have in common is the meaningful subject.

So, which on  is your favorite? Is it listed in here? Or have you done a similar listing and would like to share a link? Please, leave a comment here if so! And thank you so much for stopping by today!


  1. They are all stunning!!! If I had to pick, I'd go for the grid pp with the splash of pink & yellow one....but that says more about me, I think.....I do love pops of colour, so it attracted me......& your wing drawing......soooooo much better than I could ever do:):) have a lovely New Year & all the best for 2015 :)

  2. Every on Of them are breathetaking Riikka! The first on is My tru favourite though! You had a marvellous past year creativity speaking, and I hope 2015 will be as Grand! Looking forward to share team with you at Canvas Corp Brands!

  3. Oh my, these are all stunning! I love your style and use of color:-)


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