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Good evening! It's Sunday and a new week is about to start. Today I'm sharing some glittery projects done as a member of the Finnabair team and for Prima's blog. Part of the team did projects using the shimmery, glittery Art Ingredients in the spirit of Christmas. Here's a link to the original post with loads of lovely Glitter inspiration!

We've had black Christmas decorations for years now. I guess it's partly because our house is more or less decorated with using only black and white so our tree follows the same color scheme. So I decided to do some glittery ornaments for the tree using the Art Ingredients!

I used ArtSugar, glass glitter, glass beads and glitter in these ornaments. Every product has their own kind of shimmer and shine to them and also provides a totally unique surface structure. The coarser the product, the more texture it also creates. So if you are looking for a fine, powdery glimmer, try ArtSugar with it's really fine particle size. Or if you want glimmer and structure go for the glass glitter!

The steps for each decoration are quite the same. First a coat of black gesso to get the base to the right color. Otherwise if you sprinkle the glitter onto a wrong colored surface, the background color is peeking through here and there and you need a lot of glitter to cover that totally. The easy way is to add a black coat (or any color you are using) first.

The second step, after the primer has dried, is to use the Soft Gel as an adhesive and add the Art Ingredients on top. The gel is easy to spread but still provides a strong grip for the glitter. You might need a touch more gel to get the beads to stay in place and slightly less when the ArtSugar is in question.

The last step is to use 3D gel to construct the ornament or adhere the thread to hung it. Then all you have to do is wait until the gel is dried, preferably overnight and then decorate your tree!

The base of the bauble style ornaments is just a big white paper maché ball. Then using the steps provided add the primer, the adhesive and glitter and lastly the decorations. For the black one I used black glitter and decorated with a few pearls and a leaf styled Mechanicals embellishment. For the other one I used charcoal ArtSugar and glass glitter and decorated with icy branches made with wire and glass beads. The dangling one is made using the bottle caps from the Mechanicals line filled with either glass beads or glitter and embellished with star brad.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please click the photos underneath if you wish to see individual ornaments bigger or visit the Prima blog! Wishing you a lovely start to the new week!

Materials: Prima Marketing


  1. Oh the decorations are lovely and I think a black and white tree would be wonderful. I can imagine your home in B & W... :D I love these....


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