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Sunny Thursday! 

I'm a firm believer of scraplifting. I also think that if you know the source, it's polite to acknowledge him/her. I mean it's not away from you if you type that you were inspired by someone else and then did a project of your own! But what I enjoy most doing, funnily, is to scraplift myself! No, I'm not boasting, but it really makes the project easier. If I have liked a composition the odds are that using the same composition will look ok again. 

So why am I rambling about lifting? Because I have the honor of having one of my cards lifted for the new Swe Scrapbook challenge! The original card was created for 3rd Eye some time ago (link) and when LillBlomman asked me about a permission to use it as a card to be lifted I was thrilled! Lifting is such a big compliment! But I also wanted to play along so I lifted my own card. Funnily that was harder than I though because I wanted to make something completely different but yet so that the source could be spotted. It's up to you to say how I did!

So click yourselves to Swe Scrapbooking blog and join the challenge! Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you an inspiring day!

Materials: Tattered Angels, 3rd Eye, Prima Marketing, Teippitarha, Heidi Swapp, Ranger, Design Memory Craft


  1. This is fabulous Riikka! Love the layering and why not scraplift yourself? It saves a lot of designing time!

  2. I love your card making style! Fabulous design!

  3. Nice work! Ihanat värit kerroksellinen kyllä silmä lepää👍👌


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