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I started posting what I did a week ago yesterday, challenged by Marsha. You can read the first post here (link). Today I continue with last Thursday, 24.7.


Hello Thursday! My shift started at noon, so I had a lazy morning. I took my time to get up from bed and then went to take a shower - it had been a hot night and a hot morning. Although I like sunny and warm weather, this +30 degrees Celsius hotness is getting to me. I need to remember to drink or otherwise I start feeling dizzy.

I made myself a pot of tea and then cleaned up after the creative night last night. Usually I put all my supplies back to their places right away, but as I knew that I would have some time to craft the following morning and even more because the kiddos weren't at home, I left some of the supplies lying.


I also took photos of the projects created last night and while doing so a friend dropped by. We were chatting and drinking tea until it was time to head for work. So no craftiness during the morning. Oh well!

Same as yesterday, I had the music playing while sitting in the tram. Then off to change the work clothes again and start my day. I had one break during my shift and then headed home.


My husband was away for the night, meeting some old colleagues so I had the place all to myself. Funnily that left me just running around like a headless chicken! I didn't get anything done! So I decided to call it a day and instead read the over 300 posts I had in my Feedly list. Oh, and I washed some laundry, too.

While reading the posts I also pinned some of the amazing creations I saw and added some links to my Facebook. I also did some of my commenting duties and cast my votes for the just closed Craft Stamper challenge. As the night before, I finished my day with some CSI commenting.

Thank you again for joining in! As I told yesterday, part of the challenge is to nominate someone every day to do the same - document five ordinary days. My second nominee is Tusia! I love her cheery, positive attitude and as the master mind behind my favorite scrapbooking paper company, 7 Dots Studio, it would be great to take a peek into her life!


  1. Sulla on kyllä menoa täynnä, mutta se sopii sinuun ja aina niin iloiseen persoonaasi :)
    Kiitos jälleen kivasta postauksesta :)


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