Valkoista valkoiselle / White on white

Julie Fei-Fan Balzerin tämä sivu inspiroi minua tekemään lähes koko valkoisen kortin. Aloitin laittamalla koko korttipohjan Big Shotin läpi (kohokuviointi tasku tosin vaan siis kannessa). Sitten vetelin gessolla silkkipaperia ja boordin palasen päälle ja odottelin kuivumista. Viimeistelyksi kortti sai pari koristeneulaa, pätkän ruusunahaa, gessotettuja tylliruusuja ja itse tehdyn cameen. 

I was really inspired by this page by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. So I made this card. I started by embossing the card. Then I added some gesso and used it as glue to attach pieces of silk paper and a punched border to the card. Lastly I attached the embellishments - a piece if ribbon, some delicate roses and a few decorative pins. There's also self made cameo and a flower embellishment made out of shrink plastic as well as few half pearls and a button. 


  1. Todella kaunis, herttainen kortti!

  2. Mulle valkoinen toimii aina vaan, niin myös tässä kortissa. Mitä sitä väreillä kun voi leikkiä muodoilla ;D

  3. This is really a gorgeous card Riikka! Love the textures and wow...it is just stunning! We have a challenge at Scrap Africa at the moment, which I think your project would be perfect for. Here was my layout that was created by me http://www.strawbspatch.blogspot.com/2012/10/love-challenge-10-scrap-africa.html and perhaps you might like to have a look?

    1. Thank you Denise! :")

      Thank you for the tip and the link, too - I shall take a look!

  4. What a lovely card - I just love all the structure in it and the small pops of tangerine! TFS!

  5. Fantastic card!!!
    I love a delicate white color and all the flowers :))
    Kasia (Scrap Africa)

  6. Wow! GORGEOUS, just gorgeous!

  7. LOVE white-on-white! never fails to do the trick, looks beautiful!! xoxo

  8. Gorgeous card! So LOVE white-on-white.


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