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Hi there and happy new week! Here's something I created for A.B.Studio with flowers and an air of spring or summer. The only thing that's connected to the scenery outdoors right now is the color white. It's snowing again! I usually like snow and want loads of it, but after a certain time in the spring I start craving for greenery. We're on that point now. But there's a Finnish saying about snow that translates "new snow discards the old", so hopefully that starts to be the case! 

But back to the project now! I mainly used "Sewing Bazaar" collection in this and felt that an embroidery hoop as a background was appropriate. I secured a piece of patterned cardstock in it and then made the composition on top. Most of the elements are cut out from the 12x12 sheets.

The flowers started as black and white, but I added some brown and yellow to them. They could have been any color, but I guess the increase of light made me think about sun and thus I chose yellow. They also fit to the brownish, vintage palette this way. 

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you a great week!

Materials from A.B.Studio:

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