Been there, done that - an art journal spread

Hello hello! It's Friday and video time! This time I have an art journal video for you. The twist with this one is using what I had on the table, so you might recognize bits and pieces from past lives, videos or other projects.

Creating what I have at hand is a very "me" way of doing things. I'm not sure if you've noticed that in these Friday videos I sometimes seem to pick the same stamp, stencil or tool while creating the piece. The reason is quite simple - I often record my monthly videos in the course of one or two days and even then use what I have at hand. It's partly maybe laziness, but also partly being inspired by the items I have near me. 

If you want to see, how I created this piece, please see the process video below.

I really liked the color combo that manifested itself in the piece. This inky, dark blue and a vibrant pink. Such an unusual color combo for me, who usually goes for neighboring colors and would pair blue with green or pink with orange. Like I say in the video, this then inspired me for the following Friday make! 

Do you work with items already on your table or experiment with something different every time? Or maybe a bit of both? I think we all might fall to that last category, sometimes experimenting, sometimes sticking with the supplies and bits right at hand. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great weekend! Oh, and remember the live tomorrow! 

Materials: PaperArtsy, Posca, A.B.Studio, Fabrika Decoru, Tim Holtz, Prima Marketing

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enkulin käsityöt said...

Ihanaa pinkkiä ja upea video taas. Voi kun oppisin tekemään videoita myös omista jutuistani. Olen tosi tumpelo netin kanssa.

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