Whatever I want - an art journal page

Hello again! Yesterday I said that I'm sharing two art journal pages with similar elements - a Tim Holtz paper doll and printables. So, here's the other of the two! 

As you can see, the composition is also somewhat similar. Even though I love these portrait style paper dolls, they are a bit tricky composition wise. Or rather, I can't help adding something to hide the straight edge if I place the person to the center of the page. In my mind the character needs some kind of frame or edge or decoration to not just be a floating head. Where the lady was hiding in the bushes, this young man is then standing proud on a field of sunflowers, even crowning himself with a flower wreath. 

Like in the other page, the background is done by collaging some pieces of printables together with an old book page. On top of the book page I did a photo transfer of the printable. Texts are from a Tim Holtz pad again. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a sunny Wednesday! 

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