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Hello! Yesterday I shared a canvas with twigs and seeds (link). I also promised that I'd share something with the same idea today. And here it is - a card with the same idea, but a bit flatter look. 

I thought to repeat the colors and partly the textures of the canvas in a card form. But the twigs caused an issue. I mean, I love a bulky card, but adding actual twigs on top of the card would have been too much. So, instead I imitated the color using some self-made planks. If you want to see how these are made, please see this FB live recording (link). For this card I did re-paint them to match the color of the twigs better. 

The other layers are almost the same as in the canvas, there's just a lot less seeds in this one! If you want to see how I made the card, please see my Instagram as I'm posting a Reel with this card in there. Link to the account is on the sidebar on the left.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely day! Stay safe.

Materials: PaperArtsy, Ranger, Prima Marketing

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