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Hiya there! It's again Monday and start of a new week! Even though the month has already changed more than a week ago, I have something from September to share. It's my project for Finnabair Brand Ambassador spotlight. You can see the original post here (link)

Some time ago I did several altered mint tins. Perhaps just because I did several in a row, the extra tins I had in my stash didn’t inspire me the same way. But this theme, “trash to treasure”, made me think about those tins again and I used one of them here, but with a little twist compared to the ones I made before.

The tins I made during last fall and spring all had the surprise inside. The tin looked like an ordinary mint tin from the top, but when you opened it, you didn’t find sweets but instead a little autumn scenery, for example. But this time I decorated the cover again and kept the inside as it is.

My goal was to use a lot of items from my “beautiful trash” collection. There’s a couple of Mechanicals in the composition as well, but mainly the items are trash. There’s a spice jar lid, an empty roll of tape, a soda can pull and several buttons. There’s even a key from an old mobile phone!

I first thought to paint the assemblage with white gesso and turn it to a whole other color. But after adhering the items using Heavy Body Gel, their colors matched quite nicely, so I added just touches of color here and there. I used Liquid acrylic and diluted them to be more translucent using Liquid Color Fluid Medium.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a rosy day!


Art Basics Heavy Gesso White
Art Basics Heavy Body Gel
Art Alchemy Liquid Color Fluid Medium
Art Alchemy Liquid acrylic Burnt Sienna
Art Alchemy Liquid acrylic Nude
Art Alchemy Liquid acrylic Magenta
Mechanicals Woodland Leaves
Art Ingredients Melange Vintage Art Pebbles
Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance Red Amber

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