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Hi there and happy Midsummer Eve! This day or rather, the evening, is magical in Finland like I wrote in this earlier post (link). It's also Friday so that means a new video on my YouTube channel! 

One flower, that's connected to Midsummer is Finnish White Rose, in Finnish "juhannusruusu", direct translation Midsummer rose. It's a historical Finnish rose, very common in here but more scarce in other parts of the world. So maybe this Mister with his rose garden is quite appropriate for this day! 

As you can see from the photos and video, this project has echos of the pieces I did during the live in the beginning of the month. While they go to the blog this way, the inspiration actually run the other way around. I made this piece first and used the same inspiration to make the little "Pipeline Fairy" pieces!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a beautiful Midsummer Eve and sunny Midsummer Day! 

Materials from A.B.Studio: 

Materials: A.B.Studio, Tim Holtz, Ranger

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enkulin käsityöt said...

Upean nostalgista.

Ihanaa Juhannusta Sinulle

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