White Christmas - FB live recording

Hello there! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it and gorgeous Thursday to all! Today I'm blogging the card I made last Saturday during a Finnish Facebook live. The live was at my blog's Facebook page and it was held in Finnish. I made a Holiday card using supplies from Korttipaja along the stamp set Heidi has designed. You can see the announcement post with a materials list here (link).

It was so fun to keep a live with my mother tongue! We have now plans to keep that going with Heidi so stay tuned! Underneath you can find the recording of this live. But I'm not sure what was going on with Facebook that day, the quality of the live was so pixelated and mushy and unfortunately it's the same way with the recording. I'm sorry and upset about that! But hopefully you can still make out what I'm doing!

As the video quality is so poor, I'm thinking of re-doing the live project in some way. Maybe a process video or maybe a Reels, I'm not sure yet. If you have a preference, please let me know!

During the live I also showed how different texture pastes differ in the Finnabair mediums. I had used Paper Paste to my card as it makes a perfect snowy, textured surface, but I wanted to show other options, too. So before the live I used the same Tim Holtz stencil with different mediums and let the pastes dry. Underneath is a photo of the textures as they don't show that well in the recording. 

As you can see, Finnabair's Modeling Paste is a little bit translucent and while I like the crackle effect a lot, I'm not sure it's the best to imitate snow. The other card then has the Paper Paste with its paper mache -like texture and then just Heavy Gesso, which works nicely as well as it's so thick. Like I say in the recording (in Finnish) you could also mix different mediums together or create your own snow paste using for example Heavy Gesso and UTEE. The little plastic grains give the medium a nice, sandy look which goes well to imitate snow!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lot of family time whether it be physically in the same room or through computer or via thoughts. 

Materials: Heidin Korttipaja, Tsukineko, Ranger, Prima Marketing, Sinelli

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