Embark a soulful journey - day 3

Happy Friday! It's day three of the washi tape Trio! So far I've made backgrounds using the tapes, in the extent of creating patterned papers using the tapes, and I've bound the booklet. In the meantime I've also added mixed media touches to the covers and inner pages but the piece is still missing embellishments. And that's today's topic! Embellishing! 

Back in 2013 (gosh, that's a long time ago!) I did a very popular blog post about washi tape feathers (link). The idea came to me one night and next day I shoot the tutorial and made the post. Feathers seemed to be popular theme then in scrapbooking papers and embellishments so they were in the air, so to say. I also used the feathers in a in-person workshop I used to teach about washi tapes. Several, but not all, of the elements from that workshop were included to this video series. But I knew that the feathers needed to be one of the elements to include! 

I'm starting with feathers of different kind, though. The shape was inspired by the dimensional feathers I knew I was including to the piece, but the technique is different. This is again where the properties of a good washi tape comes handy. I'm using baking paper just to make it extra easy to lift my "sticker" of the paper, but if you're working with good washi, you can even use regular printing paper. The key in making the stickers is to over lap the strips you're laying down so you get the rewarding feeling of peeling the sticker off the backing paper in one go. As you can see from the photos underneath or a little bit later in the video, I didn't throw the cut-outs away either, but used those to decorate the inner pages.

Besides the two different feathers using washi tape, I'm also adding some more mediums to the page. Even though I love the limited soft color palette I have going, it lacks a touch of contrast. So, I take some stamps and add black stamping to the pages. This gives them a little contrast, a little edge, against all the softness and fluffiness there already is. I also make a sticker of another kind using the same stamp set. I stamped the "fragile" label on top of kraft paper and backed it with double sided adhesive, but I could have used a solid color washi tape, too. Archival Ink, which I'm using to stamp, works on top of absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces, but needs a heat set on top of the non-absorbing. With the exception of one, all the washi tapes I've worked with have a sleek coating that makes them non-absorbing. So while you can use Archival Ink, the drying time is a bit longer and you probably need the heat-setting. But if you want something that will dry quicker, try using Staz-On to stamp on washi tape. 

As you can see from the video, and photos, I included the dimensional feathers behind the vintage photo I used to decorate the cover. She's a Tim Holtz paper doll, one of my favorite embellishments at the moment. The feathers were meant to give her a bit of background, but now looking at those, they almost look like she would have a costume one and those were her tail feathers! 

I hope you have liked this first Trio I've created for you! I enjoyed doing this little booklet! It was also handy to use some of my many, many washi tapes in a bigger make as the little details I usually add don't use the rolls that much. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

PS. You might want to check my Instagram during the weekend. Just saying. Hint hint! 

Materials: Teippitarha, Paper Garden, Prima Marketing, Paper Artsy, Kuusade, Stencil Girl, Tim Holtz, Posca, Sizzix, Ranger

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